I Can Buy A Jet Of My Choice Within One Week, But I Had A Covenant – Mbaka


Catholic Priest and the spiritual Director Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Very Reverend Father Cammellus Ebenizah Ejike Mbaka has during one of his sundays programs stated that, buying of private jets is more less important than that of the lives of the less privileges and the work of God. He said the money he makes in his various businesses is more than enough to get a private jet of his choice, but that is not in is agenda currently hence he considers a better means of livehood to the poor masses arround him and many others his outermost priority.

The catholic priest and a philanthropist who issued this statement during the Sunday’s Holy mass homily said; “how much is private jet that I cannot get for myself within one week if I could save all the Income I get from my various businesses.? But that is not my plan for now. The lives of the poor masses is more important than any kind of jet or luxurious life. It is our duty as ministers of God to feed the poor and not the other way round. In the scriptures, Christ himself urged his apostles to feed the crowd when they complained to him that they must had been hungry by the time he kept the so long while teaching.

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Many people said i engage in businesses! Yes I do business for the work of God and I am very proud of it. I am hiding it. My covenant is to put all I have gained from my hard work to the work of God. God has never disappointed me in any way, so as his servant, I will try all a can as a human being to put my best to service of God and that of humanity. I do not mind all the false accusations of the enemies against me because no one can stop what God has started. In fact the person is not yet born and cannot be given birth.

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He further stressed that, even though he put all his effort to see that many who had no access to quality education get them, but some has turned against him after he had spent his hard earned money to train them in schools abroad and in other places. “But let me tell you, nobody has ever fought or insulted Mbaka and get away with it. It is a matter of time. The person is already cursed he added.

The catholic clergy acknowledged the fact that he is a businessman but it is for the work of God and never for selfish interest. He maintained that those who worshipped God in the olden days were all wealthy ranging from Abraham, David to the rest. He said, Christ himself was wealthy and he never condemned wealth. “Even when Peter and other disciples could not pay their taxes, Christ directed them to catch a particular fish, open the stomach and get some money to pay their taxes. The love of money is the root of evil not the mobey itself. It is when one allowed his wealth to get into his head, that is when it is tagged evil not the other way round. One can acquire wealth and stil be poor in spirit while some can acquire and became proud. It is a matter of choice. He exhausted.

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