I Cannot Guarantee Nigeria Another 6 Months – Robert Clarke

The insecurity situation of the our great country has really been a thing of great concern. These dreadful insurgents have really caused unrest among Nigerians to the extent that every part of the country is so scared of what the next moment would be. Indeed the peaceful co-existence have really been tampered.

On daily basis we record different attacks of these dangerous terrorists like notorious BokoHaram, killer Fulani herdsmen, the trending unknown gunmen, and others. The attack of these evil men has caused a mass killings of innocent Nigerians, destruction of government facilities, etc.

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There have been so many reactions over this issue of insecurity in the country, with some groups like Biafra and Odudwa Republic fighting for secession as they blame the government for being incapacitated of handling the issue.

In an interview on Channels TV, Mr. Robert Clarke, while speaking clearly made a statement “I cannot guarantee Nigeria six months” , he continued as he also said that “Nigeria is on the verge of collapse”

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