I Have Never Seen A Yahoo Boy That Lived Long – Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman

The Nigerian Televangelist and Founder of Omega Fire International Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman has warned youth against peer pressure and also implored them not to get involved in any fraudulent activities, but rather to seek God and He will in return bless them.

Here is what Apostle Johnson Suleman said in the video:

“What spiritual impact that boy/girl has made in your life? What are they teaching you? Smoking, free beers. They don’t give you money but they buy free drinks for you and India hemp. If you’re still involve in that, listen to me, if you are not taking medical precaution to help your health, hell is waiting for you. 

Some people now, it’s an addiction because somebody introduced it to them and it has takes your money, time, health, pride and dignity as a man because you have to hide to do it. Find friends that talk to you about God. Friends that challenges and inspires you to be better.

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Don’t allow anyone to introduce you to anything outside God. Don’t allow anyone teaches you how to scam and become a Yahoo boy, so that you can make quick money. Let me tell you the truth, I’ve never seen any Yahoo boy that live long. They make all the money at their young age but die either by disease or end up wretched. 

I used to know a man in the 90’s who was an Internet fraudster. The last time I saw him in Lagos, he was driving a cab. He carried me. Some of you know who I’m talking about. He’s now a cab driver. He made so much money then, he bought cars and houses for people, but now he is a cab man. I asked him, “What happen to you?” He said, “I ate my today yesterday.”

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You can follow God and be blessed, look at my life! I’m not a Yahoo man and I don’t take money from people. I told someone yesterday, I said, “My greatest joy is that this ministry is one of the few ministries that do not go after people’s money, rather we spend to help people.” If God can bless me, why can’t He bless you. I’ve not defrauded anyone or cut corners or play games. I’ve even turned down favors because I’m so blessed. I’m not arrogant and it’s not pride if I said, I am blessed. I have seen the blessings of God, why? Because when you follow God and stand by God, He blesses you.”

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