I Used Charms To Cook In My Restaurant To Attract More Customers, Woman Confesses

Mrs Gloria Edet who owns a very big restaurant along itam market road uyo akawibom state has finally been arrested and exposed of her bad deeds.

The woman who was exposed by a murtuary attendant who claims the woman was owing him money for three months without paying.

According to the man he claims the woman usually comes to him to buy the water he usually used in bathing the dead people in his custody daily.

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Mrs Gloria popularly known as madam honey food was arrested yesterday the 18th of November 2020 at her restaurant in itam road.

After series of interrogations the woman confessed she uses the water he buys from the murtuary to make the Charms he uses in preparing the food he sells to his customers

Madam honey as popularly called claims she has not killed any one but she only use charms to cook in her restaurant because she wanted more customers and more money.

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According to the woman anybody that comes in to eat her food will be coming everyday because of the Charms she used in it.

People reacted to this woman’s case some people said the where not surprised because the way and manner people que for this woman food was always so alarming.

The woman is currently at the state police headquarters ikot akpanabia uyo akawibom state.

This woman case is a very big lesson to so many people who loves eating outside.

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  1. Good story but was presented poorly. Proper nouns like names of places, state capitals, states and additional names of people should be written in initial capitals. That’s the rule and no House style should invalidate it.

  2. What is written here is completely absurd. The author, you at least imagine what it is for a person who does not understand this topic to read such…. nonsense.

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