Ibeku: What Makes Us “Ofe Bu Ofe Anyi”

Ibeku: What Makes Us "Ofe Bu Ofe Anyi"

By Chijindu Chinedu Emeruwa

It is a known fact without doubts and augments that the Ibeku power drunkers failed to show good leadership both at their hometown and entire Abia State, because of greed, lack of vision and direction in their policies, then, at the helms of affairs of Abia as Executive Governor.
Obviously, residents, citizenry and good watchers of social and political events have attested to the facts that the Ibeku power drunkers, who are currently in desperate move to hold on to power till everlasting, failed woefully to point at any tangible developments strides either recorded in Ibeku clan or Abia as a whole.

The Ibeku power drunkers have remained monster and cankerworm that have eaten deeply in the existence of the Ibeku clan. They cannot boast of any State attracted federal projects ranging from University, Polytechnic, factories, others sited in Ibeku. They can only boast in gossips, blackmail, stealing, lies, destruction of traditional institution, masterminding arrest of innocent citizens and intimidation of news purveyors in the State.

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The power drunkers can also boast of purchasing social media influencers, bloggers without journalism background to attack loud and visible voices opposed to their draconian policies that have completely devastated the Ibeku clan and the State at large. Could you imagine how the power drunkers had continue to illegally and sheepishly turning all buildings sited in Ohobo Afaraukwu Umuahia Ibeku, to personal properties.

What happened to Ogwumabiri Ibeku(Isi gate market)? What happened to Old Timber Market, now turned Housing Estates? What happened to old Ministry of Works turned Housing estate? What of community’s lands acquired with intimidation and security threat? So, what makes us “Ofe bu Ofe anti”. Ofe bu Ofe ayi, my foot. Ibeku have completely be destroyed by these lillipute whose interests and joy is to foist their foolish decisions, once disagreed with them, they trumped up frivolous charges to incarcerate people at Afara, and even bulldozed houses of perceived enemies.

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Let me also reiterate that the public should demand answers for the destruction of Ogurube Ibeku traditional stool as well as, the human fingers and tortoise demanded for sacrifice by His Royal Majesty, Eze Samuel Onuoha, over “Eke of Isieke” declaration which the deity and tradition of the land forbid. The power hungers and their dying hirelings should note that Ibeku is not a business product, Ibeku is an ancestral clan made of intellectual and cultured people.

Finally, I urge the power drunkers and their lieutenants to rethink and retract their steps and apologize to Ibeku nation for their atrocities and their penchant for desperation to hold on to power, without common toothpick, tissue production industry to show on ground in Ibeku. Anyone who doubts should go round of Ibeku clan, luckily situated in Umuahia Capital City, you will see mess, not constructing one building in BCA, One building in State High Court, one building in ministries, departments and agencies, that you will call achievements. One, the achievements should have been handing over the current Governor, a befitting and completed Government House, Umuahia, but could not be actualized, because of selfish intentions and penchant for corruption. Up till now, the Government is now a tenant in her own State. Two, the power drunkers should have handed over the present Governor a tangible Housing State for Abia Civil servants. The Ibeku power drunkers should have handed over a good and standard roads to the present Governor. Let me cease, because of time. Further details coming.

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By Chijindu Chinedu Emeruwa, Concerned Ibeku son from Ohokobe Mbaocha Ndume Ibeku, Umuahia

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