If Biafrans are attacked Again, We Would Have No Option Than to Support Them” – Sunday Igboho

The Popular Yoruba Activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemi Igboho is Popularly known as “Igboho Osa” declared support for the Biafra People. In the statement that was posted on the official Facebook page of His Spokesman, Olayomi Adekunle. He said any Attack on the Biafra People is an Attack on the Yoruba people because Biafrans and Yorubas are brothers.

This statement was released this evening by Chief Sunday Igboho’s Spokesman, Olayomi Adekunle. The press release says:

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“We would like to inform the Federal Government Of Nigeria that any attack on the South East is an attack on the Yorubas.”

“Biafra people have been targeted by the Nigeria Army and any further attacks on them, we would have no other options than to support our brothers and sisters in Biafraland.”

Sunday Igboho’s Spokesman, Olayomi Adekunle Kioki released video clips to tell the public that the statement is directly from Chief Sunday Adeyemi Igboho.

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