Igbo And Yoruba May Regret Later If They Don’t Do This Now

Igbo And Yoruba

Yoruba and Igbo are one of the largest tribes in Nigeria, both ethnic group have an entrepreneural spirit and sell car parts, mobile phones, computers and technology together.

Igbo and Yoruba should forget the ugly history that happened between them, they should embrace themselves as Brothers and sisters.

Embracing themselves as Brother and sisters may be hard to do, infact it can never be done until we stop reciprocal names calling and stereotype. To Igbo, every Yoruba man is a traitor, carmelion and coward. And to the Yoruba man every Igbo is money grubbing, criminal minded and noise maker.

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We need to stop the stereotype believe, drop the ethnic and religion difference. And come together as one to archive a common goal for the sake of the Nation.

We will have to stop our day to day competition and come together as one. Stop competiting about the tribe that has the pretty woman or the others. Yoruba and Igbo are just too pretty equally.

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