Imo Development: Shameless, Faceless Individuals Celebrated Rochas Okorocha’s 8yrs Of Economic/Political Abortion

Some Imo citizens who ought to be respected have lost their place for the sake of aiding and abetting evil. People who ought to be outspoken have sold their bravery for a pot of adulterated wine. Our state of Imo is known for producing men and women of good thoughts, but today people who ought to represent the society have all hidden their faces in shame, guilt and retrogression. This is because, they have soiled their hands either economically or politically.

It grief my heart over and over how respected personalities of our state have lost their place, leaving important and elderly discussion in the hands of the progressives.

Today, economic and political debate and discussions have been rested in the hands of the young minds, who actually have not had enough time to appreciate research. Research, development and strategy are poorly preconceived in our time now. Very few people seem to appreciate it, while a host of the entire society view it as an invasion of our tradition and culture. This attitude does not help us in any way towards overcoming the challenges of the 21st century.

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But notwithstanding, it is lucid we point out some decayed areas of our system masterminded by Okorocha and his cronies for a period of eight years (2011 – 2019). The year in review witnessed an economic and political boom. A period where government and her agencies witnessed excess and high inflow of benefits accrued from international donor agencies. But despite these huge assistance, the immediate past administration in the state led by Rochas Okorocha could only abort our political and economic development, without anything on ground to show for those huge assistance.

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Interestingly, men like; Jude Ejiogu, Sir, Martin Agbaso, George Etche, Engr. Mark Uchendu, Sen. Hope Uzodinma, Hon. Febian Ihekweme, Prof Anthony Anwuka, Rex Anunobi and host of others supported and promoted atrocities of Okorocha, but at the end Okorocha displaced them all. What a grave tragedy?

By the eve of 2019 election, almost all the names mentioned above became frustrated, as a result of the frustration, they formed alliance against Okorocha and his familiocracy.

Yes, these were the same group that promoted Okorocha. Sang praises, infact did hatchet assignment for him. A man who dealt with pensioners, destroyed our education system, toyed with governance, destroyed the local government system, messed up the healthcare system, destroyed our roads and streets.

Shamefully, all the men mentioned above celebrated him before Okorocha in his antics treated them as if they were criminals, but in essence these men were suppose to be the mouth piece of the society. Hey! What a shame!

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Economic and political activities remained stagnant. Markets were destroyed without making a strong alternatives, political activities hampered. The gap between the environments of economy and politics widened by about 45%. Hardship trips in and living became very frustrating.

Okorocha and his family members dominated every meaningful aspect of the economy. By so doing, controls and run the system to their test. Most times when I see people who talk about Okorocha, it affects my contenance. But I,m confident that in a short time from now Okorocha and his family will be written off the streets of Imo state.

By Jimogu, S. C

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