Imo Fiction: Hope Uzodinma’s Administration, The Fallacy Of Sacked Workers

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Jimogu, S. C, MNPA

Oswald Mitscheli, a great poet and prolific writer, once said in his poem “Nightfall in Soweto” “that man has ceased to be man, man has become prey, to be squandered by the marauding beast” Oswald painful said “Were am I safe, is it in the match box”? Till today nobody provided answer to his question above.

Many would wonder why the above reference in the case of Imo. It is simple. Imo state today is like the apartheid South Africa. One day, one story. But the case of Imo is strange, heralded with fallacy and falsehood.

Imo State before 14th January, 2020, recorded high progress in quality governance, government – workers relationship, safe environment for ease of doing business etc.

The Kanuri – supreme Court governor has laid the foundation of his I’ll – gotten administration on falsehood and fallacies which has no cogent prove. The Uzodinma’s administration in Imo is full of experimentation and error trial.

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On the sacked 3,500 worker’s by Ihedioha, claimed by Uzodinma, has showcased and revealed how careless and clueless the present administration has been from it’s inception.

Anchoring your administration on falsehood and fallacies about governor Ihedioha will do Ihedioha more good than harm. Imo citizens are on the known of how you become governor on the 14th of January, 2020.

Looking for a way to attract Imo people’s acceptance is not by accussing Ihedioha of sacking 3,500 worker’s. It is unfounded, callous and wicked.

We are challengingn you(Senator Hope) to publish the names of the sacked workers that were reinstated by your I’ll – gotten administration.

It is obvious that no amount of deceit employ by your administration that will deceive Imo citizens for the second time. The worst mistake you have ever made is by conspiring with the Kanuri – supreme Court junta’s to deny Imo citizens their hard earned democracy and good governance. Till the end of history, Imo citizens will never forget the people’s government, Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha. His legacies nomather the strategy adopted by your administration will continue to be green.

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I think the SSA, administration and SSA, public enlightenment in your government should resign, because they are not guiding you very well. No amount of antics by you and your men can clean up Ihedioha’s record in a period of seven months. Delving into such area will definitely cause you doom. Light and darkness cannot be compared.

Worst still, the present administration in Imo cannot sustain Ihedioha’s administration legacies, bringing the name of Ihedioha in your administration will cause you self destruction. Ihedioha understand what good governance and administration were all about. That was why he selected the best brains that helped him come thus far in seven months. Ihedioha is an administration guru, who believes in quality governance.

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Keep mocking yourself in the public over a genius in administration. A man the whole world clapped for, for his wonderful outing in seven months stride. Within this period under review, Ihedioha has cleansed Imo from bad record of corrupt activities.

Finally, Imo citizens are waiting to see the names of the claimed sacked workers and their ministries, agencies and parastatals as soon as possible.

Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha has made fame in administration and governance. Focus on your administration and start rolling out your programmes, time is running and it will not wait for you.

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