Imo, Insecurity and the Criminal conspiracy of some leaders and possible Accomplices

Imo is a state known for her serene and peaceful environment where many people of different works of life troupes in to cool off the stress as a result of Hustles and Bustles especially during the weekends.

Owerri her capital city is known as a home for all where all that matters to the inhabitants are how to make ends meet. People from far and near sees Owerri as the only place one can be and enjoy while having some positive engagements.

The hospitality level of the state can’t be compared to any other state in Nigeria. Many state became jittery and their leaders embarked on replicating a mini Owerri in their respective states thus making IMO a model to look up to.

Politically, Imo state is rated among the top four (4) of most politically advanced and informed state, the reason is not far fetched because it can be traced to the level of exposure of her citizens in different spheres of life.

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Recall, aside Ekiti state, Imo is the only state with the highest number of professors, scholars (NUC gazets) and After Anambra, comes Imo with the second highest number of citizens in different spheres of commerce and industry (NBS).

In the light of the above facts, Imo is now being deserted no thanks to those who sees their selves as BORN TO RULE salafists in our midst. They have fought the constituted authorities in the state with every thing in them but has failed and they were left with one option Violence and Gangsterism. They now sponsor terrorists to cause unrest in the state with sole aim of turning the people against the government a plan that has also failed like others.

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They bankrolled many OAPs (On Air Personalities), Social media influencers and Scare mongers to fill the air waves with falsehoods and posit wrong impression about the state and cause panic, fear and send wrong messages to the intending investors and partners.

Some self acclaimed leaders are sitting on the fence while some has made some strong statements supporting the enemies of the state while some through their sympathisers and supporters are financing the activities of these bandits.

Their sole aim is to make Imo a pariah state.

Things to ponder about
Its only a foolish person will set his house ablaze because its rat infested; it will be very foolish of us to allow these very minute set of darkened hearts to turn our state into a war theatre.

We can not allow invaders into our lands because once given an inch, he will ask for a foot. All these evil minded fellows should be placed where they truly belong and it must be done as quick as possible. We are people of peace should always be seen as one. Where is our morals if we should condole all the anomalies that is abound in our territories? Let’s preach love to the wicked and condemn where necessary.

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Let’s hold each others’ hands in one accord and say;


√to all these blood sheds,

√to the wanton destruction of our common patrimony,

√to all Killings.

Let’s embark on a healing process that will get our dear state back to her feet again.




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