Impunity: Buhari Lost The Country As Jonathan Lost Election


Revolution smokes and glows slowly before it catches fire. Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen were before #ENDSARS, Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho. Impunity fuels the country’s end.

Nigerians have the right to vote any mediocre government out as they did Ebele Jonathan and they will not hesitate to break the country into its Regional areas since Nigeria expired in 2014. Nigerians lose when they only support the Government leaders from their part of the country, no matter how corrupt. Even worse, they never stop blaming others for rejecting the worst of all evils based on their selfish unreasonable interest. It is time to reject evil representations, blame and form your own country. Only one Region had ever so survived.

Buhari has lost control, before Nigerians give up their nations and become refugees all over the world, each Region must build itself from within. Boko Haram and Fulani are turning Chad, Niger, Central African Republic, Nigeria among other countries into turfs disguised as religious fanaticism similar to what we saw ISIS did in Iraq and Syria before Lebanon. Nigeria with the largest population may be their biggest prize but the spread will reverberate throughout Africa.

It is hard to put genie back into the bottle as Boko Haram exploded. They refuse to learn. Buhari, despite all expectations, could not defeat Boko Haram sponsored by his colleagues, not the previous government as he once indicated when out of power. If he could not contain Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen; Igbo and Yoruba militia are not his business. The country is broken, the Army and Police must turn against the Privileged class where they can extort more money than they do from the Poor and working class on the streets.

Africa is still sorted out mostly for exploits. Criminals look for fertile ground to breed. Despite the abject poverty in Nigeria, the Western Region remains first choice of destination within the Country. We already had Sudan, Somali and Ethiopia in crisis, they will be rated as mild compared to what is on its way in Nigeria. Arabia meaning share, scatter or break in Hausa: has always been the goal of the Fulani with their captured Hausa slaves. In lieu of that, they want a complete grip on Nigeria and are not ready to let go of areas they can feed on.

Unfortunately, the same is true for criminals looking for rich land to prey upon. Western Nigeria was not built as fast as it is being destroyed today by both traitors and invaders. Most of the Africans and Diaspora Blacks cannot understand how the Country has dragged down the progressive areas within it. When they unleash, on one another in the North, they run to the West for solace: from deposed Emir Sanusi, Fulani businessmen, herdsmen to Talikawa.

Compared the immediate rapid response of Nigeria Security made up of Army, Police and Airforce when the interests of the Fulani warlords or their cows are threatened. Cow owners got immediate response when bandits attempted to cross the Kaduna-Zaria expressway. The security personnel comprising troops of the Army and Air Force, as well as police operatives, were contacted and the Federal troops came to the rescue. But when other ethnic groups call the President during emergencies, they hardly show up.

Only a dying man knows the pinch of death. While poor Nigerians are helplessly displaced from the only land they have ever known by kidnappers, bandits and Fulani herdsmen, those privileged are also crying that they have been kidnapped. As if the Poor real harrowing experience is not bad enough; members of families, religious and even Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeder Association Chairman Wakili Damina faked kidnapping. So was Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka. Only to find out both were inside jobs on brief recalls by their fraternity.

The irony was, it started from the same Privileged class that were trying to control and retain Political Power. So Adamu Ciroma and others warned that if Ebele Jonathan won Presidency, they would make the Country ungovernable. Those that rode on the back of the tiger would be consumed by it. They forgot or ignored the fact that Jonathan was widely elected with votes from North to South; until he messed up big time and singularly helped elect Buhari.

The saddest part of revolutions are the lives of innocent people that are lost, their businesses devastated and other irreplaceable loss in an instant after years of building. Revolution often turned into Jungle Justice. No matter where the Privileged and Opportunists hide or live all over the world, the stubborn and unrelenting class that are resisting Change can no longer escape. There is no place in the universe that you will not find relatives of those you oppressed and dispossessed.

It takes centuries to build civilization but about a day to bomb it into the Stone Age. Indeed, accomplishments have been destroyed not only by the acts of men but by Nature. But the problems with Africa is that, a well developed and civilized people have been destroyed not by Natural Disaster but by greed, inhumanity of man against man and intransigence on the part of the Privileged Class that hung on to Power from the days of their youth to their old age. They have refused to give the Youths the same opportunity they had in their youth.

The Commonwealth has turned into common-parasites that is justified with impunity. Enough blames and recriminations from one part of Nigeria to another. Living and depending on one another has created laziness where beggars all over the country become spies and informers that turn to soldiers overnight. If the reasons for lack of progress in your area is the action of those that are not intelligent or smart enough to support the whole country, stay home and create Eldorado there.

While intelligent and well informed people are arresting desertification in the Arab world with windfall from the Oil Embargo, Fulani assigned themselves Oil Blocks because they are too lazy to work or plant grass in the desert like the Arabian countries to arrest desertification. They would rather go South to find green pastures with impunity. Actually, Nigerian leaders would rather import grass from Niger, north of its border

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