Inclusive Government: What Dr Godwin Maduka Has In The Offing

Inclusive Government: What Dr Godwin Maduka Has In The Offing

By Chioma Chukwunekeh

To have a credible and successful administration, there is need to be people oriented. Since government is all about service to the people, there is need to run an inclusive government which will seek and accommodate peoples’ opinion.

Dr Godwin Maduka, is a man of the people. He listens to the need of the people and assists them out of their plight. He brought to bear these good attributes to the development of his town Umuchukwu and environs.He turned around the fortunes of his people and those that are fortunate to come his way.
Such a BEAUTY to behold! Indeed, with these good attributes Okosisi Orumba will give Anambra State a facelift!

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Dr Godwin Maduka believes that good governance is an inherent desire which made him transform his community . He will do much more for ndi Anambra if given a chance.
These sterling qualities make Okosisi the best among equals.

Dr Godwin Maduka is a team player and will always seek advice from stakeholders and create a synergy between the young and old, to transform Anambra State.

Ndi Anambra the choice is here, the ball is in our court! Let’s make it a reality.

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RightChoice ~ #RightTime

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