IPOB’s Threat To Send ESN Members To Benue State Is Unreasonable Because Of This

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By: Peter Uche

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) recently sent a message to Governor Samuel ortom of Benue state. Their message had to do with the safety of the Igbo people living in Benue state. They claim that the igbo residents in Benue state are being terrorised by herdmen disguised as military men.

They went on to reveal that if such issues persist without the governor protecting the igbo people, the ESN would move in. The ESN stands for the “Eastern Security Network”.

In my opinion I feel sending the ESN to Benue State on an assignment is an unreasonable act. This is because the ESN members in the eastern parts of Nigeria are obviously not operating confidently. They are working from several hideouts, and their trainings are mostly in the bush and not in the open. This shows that the group’s activities have not even gained strength in the East. Hence claiming to move some men over to a different state to fight for people is just outrageous.

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Secondly the ESN is not a recognized security agency in Nigeria and this means that their operation in any part of the country is illegal. In recent times there had been several altercations between this ESN men and the Nigerian army. As a result of these altercations, some lives as well as properties were lost in the process. Also, there was a recent airstrike that was carried out in an eastern state to fish out some of the ESN members from their hideouts. This shows that their operation is completely unwelcome, so any move they make to go over to a different state can be disastrous for them.

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Issues going on in several states can be fully handled by some of the Nigerian security forces. People who are being troubled or terrorised can report to the appropriate agencies and their requests will be met. However, sending over a unrecognized force over to Benue may not yield any reasonable or positive result.

I believe that the best action they should have taken was to relate the issue with governor ortom without a threat. There is no way complains made by the people don’t get to the leaders. It is then the duty of the leader to attend to the complain and resolve the issue.

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