IPWD Calls On Nigerian Doctors Tom Make Public The Vaccine For Covid-19


It is our candid call that Nigerian doctors and ministry of health should take a bold step and name the vaccine that has been used to cure coronavirus patients in the country.

IPWD believes that covid-19 can’t be finally treated at once in this country and the vaccine should be made available to our various hospitals.

IPWD is expecting Nigerian medical directors to come up with the name of the vaccine use to cure coronavirus pandemic. So far some persons have been cure according to NCDC reports.

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If the name of the vaccine is know to the public ,it will be very easy to handle covid-19 pandemic in any part of this country.

So far, Doctors have been treating covid-19 patients who tested positive to become negative with a vaccine yet undisclosed.
It’s high time, the minister of health in Nigeria should disclose the name of the vaccine to Nigerian in order to killed this unknown fear of covid -19 in our society .

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With what IPWD is seen , the number of covid -19 confirm cases are increasing every day and the number of discharge is not encouraging and the Nigeria government is not ready to do anything to help the citizens of this sudden lockdown of covid-19. With this lockdown ,so many people have die due to hunger or default of the lockdown order. Now that the number is increasing every day,
IPWD is demanding from Federal government to announce the name of the vaccine for Nigerians to be used at any time.

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IPWD is appealing to Nigerian medical directors to tell us the name of the vaccine of covid-19 pandemic, Because the recovering means of covid-19 is very slow and more new cases are emerging every day.

Signed :Comrade Paul Akpowaide National president Ijaw Political WatchDog IPWD and Niger Delta Human Right Activist.

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