Iran unveils new homemade military gears

Iran’s Army Ground Force (AGF) said it unveiled new homemade military gears, including a reconnaissance drone and an armoured fighting vehicle.

Tasnim news agency reports that the new gears were unveiled in a ceremony attended by senior Iranian commanders in the capital Tehran on Thursday.

A hand-launched drone, named Farpad, which fits for reconnaissance and patrol operations, was displayed in the ceremony, according to the report. Farpad is designed for intelligence collection and serves in the mobile offence brigades or rapid reaction squads.

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The drone is equipped with the autopilot system, a portable ground station, and imaging apparatus for day and night flights.

Another product unveiled in the event was Rueen-Tan, which is a light-weight armoured vehicle and resistant to steel core ammunition. The vehicle is equipped with modern technologies, operates with great power and agility, can save the lives of personnel on the battlefield or against terrorist attacks, the report said.

Another homegrown item displayed in the ceremony was Heidar-1 smart robot. The network-based robot is a six-wheel-drive vehicle that can carry loads, is supplied with 360 degree rotating wheels, and can also detect the barriers.

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The AGF also unveiled a portable jamming system that can detect and disrupt various types of hostile multirotor drones.

Moreover, a guidance and control system, Labbayk-1, which is used on missiles with pinpoint accuracy, was put on show. The system has passed tests in the laboratory and the field.

According to the report, the new products have been designed and manufactured by the Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organisation of the Iranian Army.

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