Is A New Anambra State Possible?

Is A New Anambra State Possible?

By: Emeka Bond Aniagoh

ANSWER; Yes, A new Anambra is possible with a successful manager who has proven track record.

With the way things are going on in Anambra, Anambrarians have been asking if things will ever get back to or even better than when ANIDS under His Excellency Peter Obi was developing all sectors of the economy simultaneously because we can’t forget those days in a hurry.

Dr Godwin Maduka is our son, a home breed from Umuchukwu in Orumba South LGA, Anambra state. A manager extraordinary.
He has been able to manage the numerous businesses under his care even in far away Nevada, U.S.A ,where he owns the largest Pain Institute.

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A new Anambra is possible with Dr Godwin Maduka. He will transform Anambra state for good, the way he single handedly turned his town to a tourist destination considering the massive infrastructural development facilitated by him.


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