Is Senator Victor Umeh A Hero ? By Achonwa Walter

Coming from the background of the proposition of the first School of Thought as canvassed in the first of this tripod piece which describes Senator Victor Umeh as just a HERO. Another School of Thought is of the view that, Senator Victor Umeh is more of a “Politician with Heroic deeds” and not just a Hero.

The School of Thought, is of the conviction that, the definition of a “politician” best describes the person and personality of Senator Victor Umeh judging from his antecedents. According to this School, a politician is a person ACTIVE in PARTY POLITICS, or a person HOLDING or SEEKING office in government. Senator Victor Umeh, OFR, no doubts have been very active and visible in party politics since the beginning of the Fourth Republic (as far back as short memory can recall). From being the first State Treasurer of the PDP in Anambra State in 1998, to being the First National Vice Chairman South East of the All Progressive Grand Alliance in 2002 after resigning his membership of the PDP in 2001 to join hands with other progressives to form and register a new Party. He, went on ahead to become the National Treasurer of the same party(APGA) before becoming the National Chairman of the party under circumstances that could best be described as a RESCUE MISSION.

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He was able as a pragmatic and practical Politician to firmly entrench the party not just as a political platform but a masses movement. He, as a Politician, was able to successfully lead the numerous legal battles of the party to retain the seat the people freely gave to the party in the 2003 elections in Anambra State and went on subsequently to consolidate on the electoral and legal victories of the party in subsequent elections. Little wonder, the Late Sage, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, placed an advertorial on a National Newspaper on March 10, 2010, where he rightly poured encomiums on Senator Victor Umeh thus, “kudos! The might of a warrior is tested only in battle. I salute your tenacity, your courage and resilience… Congratulation to the hardest working party Chairman in the federation”.

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As a politician in charge of Party affairs, he was able to campaign vigorously during the April 2011 mother of all elections in Imo state to see to the emergence of Rochas Okorocha who was the standard bearer of the party. Amidst crude threats of attacks and spontaneous violence, Senator Victor Umeh at the risk of his life, had to personally and physically move down to Imo State to ensure that the good wishes and expected victory for the party was never thwarted by the powers that be. And, it is worthy to note, that his practical approach to issues as a heroic Politician paid off as APGA was able to produce a Governor; a Senator; many House of Reps members and so many House of Assembly members in Imo State alone.

This School, also, went on to chronicle the very many difficult Political victories led by Senator Victor Umeh to further advance their proposition of him, being a heroic Politician. And some of these difficult Political victories according to them, included, the re election of Mr Peter Obi as the Governor of Anambra State; the election and unprecedented 21/21 re election of Governor Willie Obiano and so many other electoral victories outside the shores of Anambra State.

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Will it be surprising or difficult then, to fathom why the people of Anambra Central Senatorial zone massively and unanimously gave him their support to represent them in the 8th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Will it also, be surprising to see his long record/list of superlative achievements as a Politician during his very short stay at the Senate?

Do we now conclude that, Senator Victor Umeh is not just a Hero nor Politician but, a HEROIC POLITICIAN?

How about the School of Thought that’s very emotional and unapologetic in their assertion that he’s a STATESMAN? Well, the Tripod of these articles Will take care of that.

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