Israelis arrested in Nigeria and accused of supporting IPOB speak after 3 weeks in detention

Rudy Rochman and David Benaym, two of the three Israelis arrested in Nigeria and detained for 3 weeks by the DSS over allegations they are supporting IPOB, have granted an interview after their release.

Rudy Rochman, who is a Zionist activist, and David Nenaym, a French-Israeli journalist, were arrested alongside filmmaker Noam Leibman in a Synagogue in Ogidi village, Anambra state, where they went to shoot a documentary titled, We Were Never Lost.

Following their arrest, they were taken to Abuja where they were interrogated and detained for 3 weeks before being allowed to return to Israel.

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Back home in Tel Aviv, Israel, they granted an interview immediately upon arrival.

They said they were happy to be freed after 3 weeks in detention but they will not stop telling the story of the Jewish life in Nigeria.

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