It Is Now Too Late To Call Fr Mbaka To Order

Mbaka began to attack Governor Chimaroke Nnamani and did everything to pull down his govt. He turned his adoration ministry to an opposition ground where he preached against the governor.

In most cases he would march his members on the streets of Enugu protesting against the governor.

At that point, though I was still in the university but as a student leader, I was against the excesses of Mbaka. I spoke against it and advised the Catholic leaders to tame him.

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But the leadership of the Catholic Church failed to act early because they do not like the administration of Chimaroke Nnamani who was seen as a Methodist. Mbaka was cheered to grow wings.

Today, Mbaka has raised an army of followers that can disobey the catholic leadership. Followers that can boldly move into the sacred home of a Bishop and desecrate it. An army of followers that can protest against a Catholic Bishop with chants of disrespect.

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Today, Mbaka is above the command and control of the Catholic Church leadership. No one can control him again. This is not a good sign but the Church failed to call him to order early until he grew above them.

I sympathize with the Bishop. He must be going through some sort of emotions now having been attacked by his own people who once revered him.

The only option he has now is to reach out to Mbaka and make peace with him. And thereafter leave Mbaka alone even if he breaks all the doctrines of the church to save further embarrassment.

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I strongly doubt if Pope himself can restrict Mbaka.

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