It Seems The Revolution Will Begin In Kano By Chibiko Ikenna O

Kano residents storm Emirs’ palace, seek justice on Kano polls.

“No amount of financial inducements will change our position”, they shouted.

The people have spoken. Osinbajo and Ganduje, share your money but plan to vacate government house come May 29th.

The people of Kano  rallying behind Alhaji Kwankwaso are bent on protecting their vote even with their blood.

Is the revolution going to start from Kano state and spread to the rest of the country?

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Buhari, INEC and APC must proceed with utmost caution or else they will ignite already charged atmosphere.

The masses are angry and very hungry, and the two are enough for blood to flow.

Ganduje flees as Red Caps takes over Kano Government’s house! Very good! This shows power truly belongs to the people!

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