It’s Bad For Anyone To Brand June 12 Struggle Yoruba Project – Soyinka


Wole Soyinka who released a statement on Tuesday titled, “Democracy Day Primer (1)”, stated that it’s bad for anyone to brand June 12 struggle a Yoruba project.

The Nobel Laureate noted that even before the annunciation of June 12 as Democracy Day, the “same nihilist voices” were already primed to degrade it and ridicule what should be a potent signpost for future generations. Wole Soyinka whose statement was aimed at individuals trying to reduce the worth of the June 12, 1993 presidential election struggle by rubbing it in ethnic garb, stated that it’s bad for anyone to brand June 12 struggle a Yoruba project as it is no different from the original act of annulling an event “universally acknowledged as the fairest, the most orderly and peaceful election ever conducted in Nigerian history; a chastening contrast to the 2019 general elections.”

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He said, “Next, I found it equally lamentable that anyone should attempt to reduce the June 12 struggle to that of an ethnic project. It is a depressing travesty of the realities, a denial of the existence of a nation’s collective sense of justice and its tenacity in pursuit of that objective.

“No one denies that the immediate family of a victim of robbery feels the pangs of dispossession more keenly than others. The truth, however, remains that the entirety of the compound itself was violated, arrogantly and contemptuously dispossessed.”

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