It’s My Body I Can Do Whatever I Want With It

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Amongst the numerous quotes and sayings i have recently deduced as ‘wrong’,this happens to be the most insane.To crown it all, there are movements to actually support this notion and most of these movements are actually headed by women who claim to be Christians when the subject of religion and going to church arises but when it comes to how they should dress to church and life at large it suddenly becomes;’its my body,i can do what i want”.
This movement has been covered under the canopy of ‘self love and do you,the world will adjust’ and it just surprises me when Christian women pledge to this movement with their dressing without understanding that God will never adjust to mans movement when he has a movement of his own.

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It is very confusing because in as much as these women claim to pray and study the word,i have reasons to believe they blatantly ignore verses where God actually says our bodies belong to him;
“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy spirit,who is in you,whom you have received from God”(1st Corinthians 6:12-20).

So,let me clear this before i continue;It’s not your body so you cannot do whatever you want.
Your body belongs to God as such whatever you do should reflect God in you.
Self love and body positivity;that i agree but how does being naked promote self love,how does dressing inappropriately build confidence.Some lame persons even caption this indecent culture as perfection and i beg to differ.He created you in his own image,his image is beyond perfection. As a matter of fact his image doesn’t need description because far and wide no matter how we search or try to,we cannot describe him.We cannot fit him into a word.
So when you talk about perfection in this indecent movement,the sentence automatically becomes wrong.You can only describe yourself as perfect if your outward appearance is in unity with the Holy spirit within you.

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Sis,i can hear you loud;you are trying to judge me,talking about those who are not Christians and before i write things like this i should consider those who do not believe in God.But,i’m so sorry dear,i still cannot figure out why they don’t believe in God.
I can hear you saying “you can serve God and look good”.I agree wholeheartedly,because looking good doesn’t equate being naked or exposing any part of your body.Your life should reflect God in and out of church.

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Christian sisters,labeling our selves as Christians isn’t just it.It’s about living up to the label
Living up to this label involves understanding that you have been called to be set apart,to glorify God in what you wear.
You cannot call yourself a daughter of a king but show up in rags.You should be fully clothed and adorned in royalty.
Don’t limit your Christianity to certain verses in the bible,let it cover everything.

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