Kogi East 2O23: AAS As The Incontrovertible Choice Of The Masses In PDP

Alhaji Abubakar Aminu Sulaiman

Alhaji Abubakar Aminu Sulaiman AAS is an outstanding Quantity Surveyor of high repute by profession.

For many decades he had distinguished himself in his ambitious profession with a unique records devoid of any unforeseen circumstances.

As a successful professional,his decision to take a shot at the political sphere of Nigeria was geared towards bringing his wealth of experience to the political developement and advancement of his community,state and by and large Nigeria.

AAS as his trademark and popularly called by his political followers,took a first shot of his political adventure by his last attempt to become Kogi state Governor, on the platform of People’s Democratic Party PDP.

Though ,it was keenly contested and determined to emerge as PDP candidate,his style of campaigns and mobilisation as well as awareness to the people of the state,irrespective of party line,gave a lot of hope,weight and support to the party in the last Governorship election.

His rare approach,calmness,equanimity and choice of words gave high hope to the people of Kogi state, that if given the chance then,a reformer would have emerged in the state,a departure from the current order.

As an unperturbed leader, prepared to liberate the people of Kogi state from the shackles of underdevelopment,with his professional experience as a quantity surveyor,the quest to change the tide of administration in Kogi state was his emboldenment.

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His Excellency,Alhaji Abubakar Aminu Sulaiman AAS,criss crossed the entire lenght and breath in quest for candidacy of the main opposition Party PDP, the template other contestants toe towards the September 2019 PDP primaries,not minding whether he was to emerged as the party’s flagbearer then,but another round of awareness that PDP is still an alternative to the prevalent situation in Kogi State.

His robust campaign strategy and awareness brought to fore the need to return PDP to the leadership position at the state level in the last November 2019 Kogi Governorship election.

Even though, he lost gallantly,his strategy paid off as he delivered his local government and many other parts of the state to PDP, but for the imposition and federal might,mass rigging,electoral fraud and violence,his preferred candidate would have won the election.

His maturity was his refusal to disembark from the activities of PDP after he lost the primaries,as his templates of political awareness paid during the electioneering campaigns and the November 16 Governorship Election in Kogi state.

The entire world knows the political party that actually won the election that was later changed through the might of power that be,but his accomplishments in that regard became a potential guide for the future election in Kogi state.

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Almost two years down the line,The Kogi born trained quantity surveyor is still playing host to the political class and attending to the immediate and long term needs and solutions to move the party forward.

His combination of politics with his private practices and business became a veritable tool on his choice of candidacy as the next Senator to represent Kogi east at the red chamber.

This is as a result of his well thought out post election programs of awareness and interaction with the people from his immediate Constituency of Kogi east and the entire state

QS Abubakar Aminu Sulaiman AAS had adopted a strategy of visiting his people periodically, occassionally and intermittently to brainstorm on the way forward and political developement of his area and Kogi state.

He has never shown any visible remorse of supports both at home and in his office by the good people of Kogi east and Kogi state.

Build up to the last local government election,that PDP was determined to deploy his mass support to win before it was hijacked by the state government,he single handedly sponsored all the candidates of party from Kogi East,as well as provided an enabled environment for the Central and Western senatorial districts to participate in the last election.

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This singular courage and contributions is enough to give honor to whom it is due in the anals of political history of the people of Kogi east and Kogi state.

Not minding the tense and unpredictable political terrain,amidst the presence of former governor’s,former senators,former Minister’s,former members of House of Representatives,former members of state House of Assembly,former commissioners and other top PDP starlwarts,he broke the jinx of paucity of funds that could deter the chances of PDP and it’s candidates in the last local government election.

This unique conduct and people oriented tendencies had exposed the leadership potentials of QS Abubakar Aminu Sulaiman AAS to the people of Kogi east and by extension Kogi state in the next political dispensation.

All hands must be on deck to convince AAS to show his prowess at the red chamber by contesting for the next senatorial seat for Kogi east.

His support will not be too tasking,as his political values trascends all the prerequisites required of a would be Senator representing kogi east in 2023.

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