Lady Juliet Anaeme Joins all Nigerian citizens in Celebrating Nigeria’s Democracy Day.

Lady Juliet Anaeme Joins all Nigerian citizens in Celebrating Nigeria’s Democracy Day.
  • Calls for Unity Amongst Religious and Cultural Groups.
  • Urges Government to Ensure Equal Distribution of Dividends of Democracy; Abolishing Nepotism and Favourism.

In a Press statement, the Anambra PDP Faithful and Aspirant South-East PDP Women Leader/Mobilizer stated, ” I join Nigerians today in celebrating the day on which democracy and civilian rule were restored.

In Nigeria, as in so many of other countries, the right for all citizens to enjoy equal participation in the democratic process was achieved after considerable struggle and suffering. We remember and celebrate all those who sacrificed so much for the freedoms we enjoy today.

The struggle to achieve democracy gives it a special value and places responsibility on all of us to support the democratic process. We congratulate Nigeria on its progress since 1999, including the first peaceful transition of power from a ruling party to an opposition party in 2015 which was achieved by the PDP under the leadership of the Former President and Elder statesman – His Excellency, GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan. As we celebrate our progress, I beseech all fellow Nigerians to consolidate and deepen our democracy as the country is currently not in a good shape as desired by our people.”

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She also added, ” Our religious bodies and different cultural groups must unite to strength our democracy because the internal conflict between them are the cause of the challenges we face today. Christians & Moslems are murdered on a daily basis, churches burnt for no just cause, BokoHaram terrorism, Fulani Herdsmen, Robbery and many others which is the reason behind the calling for a National Referendum by the ibos and the oduduwas in our country.

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Our Leaders must do their very best to reunite our people and not giving reasons daily for our people to seek for revolution. Nigeria is the Giant of Africa in the eyes of the world but her people are suffering from hunger, insecurity and joblessness which is due to the lack of judicious use of our funds to better the lives of her citizens.”

She finally advised the government, that to build a stronger democracy that there must be respect for our Federal Character & even distribution of dividends of democracy amongst all citizens without discrimination, nepotism and favoritism which is against the principle of democracy knowing fully well it is a Government of the People, by the People and for the People. Therefore, if it is for the people, their is equality amongst them and all forms of discrimination should be totally aborted”.

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God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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