Lady’s N9 million Mercedes-Benz Caught Fire And Burnt To Ashes 5 Hours After She Purchased It

Lady's N9 million Mercedes-Benz Caught Fire

The sad incident that happened to a lady’s car five hours after she bought it. Reports gathered that the car was a modeled type of Mercedes-Benz which was purchased at the cost of N9 million.

A video which was shared on Instagram by ‘Naijaeverything’ revealed the lady posing inside her newly bought car. The interior of the Mercedes-Benz was also beautifully decorated. However, the lady’s happiness was cut short in a matter of hours as her car reportedly got burnt down by the fire.

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Another video also revealed where the car was razed down by the fire. Many people have also attributed the sad incident to unhappy friends, with the belief that they attacked her spiritually. However, what led to the fire outbreak was not disclosed in the post.

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