Land Boundary Crisis: Stop The Impending Bloodshed Take A Meaningful Decision, Mr Ralph Njirika To Obiano

When the Executive Governor of Anambra state, H.E Willie Obiano was elected into office, one will believe that the lives and properties of the good people of the state will be his major concern.

The opposite is the vase as the Governor has turned a deaf ear to the recent call by Chairman of the Vigilante group, Mr Ralph Njirika to do everything possible to avert the impeding crises between Ibughudu Umuchu ane Ugwunano Umunze clans both in Oromba south local govt area over land boundary.

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Going through the memory lane, It is on record that in 1932,the supreme court ruled that the relevant government agencies,the National Boundary commission should demarcate the land for peace and harmony to reign.

It is due to negligence and dereliction of duty that nothing has been done till now.

As the farming season approaches,there’s palpable tension that the two communities might engage themselves in a bloody war that’ll lead to loss of lives and properties when they go back to the same farmland.

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The chairman of Ibughubu Umuchu vigilante group appealed to the Governor to help broker peace between the warring communities in-order to foster peace and tranquility.

In the final analysis he called on relevant government agencies to wade into the matter by demarcating the boundary for then before it escalates into uncontrolled situation.

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