Love and mutual Coexistence in Nigeria

‘We the people of Nigeria, haven decided to live as one indivisible and indissoluble nation under God, do hereby make, and give to ourselves this constitution’

The extract above is the preamble of the 1999 Constitutions. This is the purport and the aim of Nigeria which I caption mutual and peaceful coexistence However, through our history as a nation, this preamble is sidelined and that’s our problem. Napotism, ethinicism and favouritism is the order of the day.

In our country, an Igbo man calls an Hausa man an Aboki and calls a Yoruba Man Onye Ofe mmanu, An Hausa man sees an Igbo Man as Yamiri a Yoruba Man calls and Igbo Man OMO IGBO etc.
All these name are in order to insult, the order ethnic group. This is the bane of our development. Some are born to rule and you see them act it.

Qualification. For employment has eluded merit, it is now based on nation and ethnic group especially that of the leader.

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Our major problem which has destroyed this nation and have kept us in perpetual pain and loss are all product of hate and division, for example the Nigerian civil War, the Boko Haram insurgence, various sharia riots, Fulani Menace etc.
Everyday lives and properties are lost in Nigeria as a result of hate and division.

However, let me quickly Remind us that our existence today is a product of thing born and done out of love, peace and Mutual coexistence between the ethnic groups. Such things includes, the gaining of our independence, the fight against slavery, Nigeria’s various roles in Africa, our exploits in Football and other sports events, various world academic competitions won by Nigeria etc.

There is more than a need for love and mutual co existence in Nigeria if we must remain as one indissoluble nation under God. It now a necessity.

All great nations are made up of large population with various ethnic groups, look at India, China and USA.
These countries are great not because of their differences but because of their peaceful and mutual coexistence.

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We have to be Nigerians and not Igbo’s, Hausa’s or Yoruba’s.
We have to live as one or other nations will inherit our fatherland after we must have destroyed ourselves.

The ethnic group of a leader in Nigeria should not be the reason why he should enjoy legitimacy rather his achievements especially economic growth and development as well as his ability to respect rule of law and provide social amenities should be the yardstick of assessment and not ethnic groups nor religion.

We are one and we are better and greater as one, love and mutual coexistence is a must, however let us learn to run in our tracks and then harness our different abilities for a better Nigeria.

Let there be universality of everything in this country, every life should be equal, all ethnic groups should be given equal opportunity not based on ethnic group but based on individual qualification as a Nigerian.

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Merit should be our core value, this is because our Nationality is Nigerian and not Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba.

The love in Nigeria must be manifestly be seen to be pragmatic if not we will break into pieces.

Change of mind and attitude is important in Nigeria. We are Nigerians and it is high time we lived as one.

We will never see comfort in this nation unless we first Marry Miss Unity because she is with patience and Comfort.

Let our level of love and peaceful co- existence be our pride.

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria

Am AGBATA JOSEPH CHUKWUJEKWU (LLB) for Nkemdi Mordi Development Initiative NMDI

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