Madumere: Before Owelle, With Owelle And After Owelle

Madumere: Before Owelle, With Owelle And After Owelle

By: Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

Very few people would know that the ‘prince’ in Madumere’s name became real when Owelle Rochas Okorocha made his father the traditional ruler of Eziome Autonomous Community. When we say that Madumere is empty and may not have qualified for a kindred Provost position without Owelle, we are not trying to decide him, but stating the obvious. I have severally challenged the Achi-Mbieri commoner made elite by Owelle to publish his CV before Owelle came into his life and publish the same after Owelle, but the several singing charlatans he is mentoring in ingratitude, indolence and insolence have kept evading this question. I have therefore offered to assist him do this for free.


Before Owelle employed Madumere as his PA in 1993, his highest verifiable educational qualification could be ATTENDANCE of Primary and Secondary schools in Imo and Lagos States respectively. His most valuable properties could be, his WAHL clippers and maybe combs and a few hair brushes. His biggest achievement could be finding his way into the United States of America, where he was struggling to make ends meet.

Everything, I mean, everything; socially, financially, materially, academically and even family wise, that could be linked to Madumere today, has Owelle written on it;

  1. He got what might be his biggest and best ever paying job as PA to Owelle Rochas Okorocha.
  2. Got his biggest ever financial breakthrough.
  3. Married his first, second and third wives.
  4. Built all the houses he owns today.
  5. 1n 2005, was made a Senatorial candidate and had the election fully bankrolled by Owelle Rochas Okorocha.
  6. Was appointed Chief of Staff to the President of Rochas Foundation; Owelle Rochas Okorocha.
  7. Had his first ever experiences working in a governorship and Presidential Campaign Organizations.
  8. Was appointed Chief of Staff to a governor by Owelle.
  9. Met all the big politicians he knows today through the platforms provided for him by Owelle Rochas Okorocha.
  10. Was appointed a Deputy-Governor.
  11. Built Lake Malinda and allegedly now owns many properties, including lands in choice areas, business outfits, an eatery and even a construction firm.
  12. Procured a Master’s Degree from the Imo State University and procured admission for his PhD in the same university, while serving as Deputy-Governor under Owelle.
  13. Became the son of a traditional ruler, when Owelle made his father the traditional ruler of his autonomous community.
  14. Had his first ever and only presidential handshakes, working for Owelle.
  15. Had his first ever opportunities of attending meetings, shaking hands and interacting with sitting and former governors, ministers, Party Chairmen and even international investors, through Owelle.
  16. Entered a Government House for the first time in his life, working for Owelle Rochas Okorocha.


Since he pulled out of Owelle, thinking he has arrived, an analysis of Madumere’s trajectory would lay it bare that diminishing returns have set in. There are five major things he has achieved for himself since Owelle stopped piggybacking him:

  1. Becoming a member of APC Coalition and dancing at the Party secretariat when congress materials were diverted by some electoral fraudsters.
  2. Attending the inauguration ceremony of two governors.
  3. Sending out congratulatory messages to Chief Emeka Ihedioha on one hand and printing a billboard in support of Hope Uzodimma.
  4. Setting up a ‘pure water’ production shop.
  5. Acting as Emcee, but deceived into believing that he was the spokesman of a group of political charlatans.

Could a man whose entire history and achievements are tied to Owelle Rochas Okorocha really be said to be fighting Owelle? Certainly not. He could actually be a frustrated man, looking for some assistance.

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