Magu: 7 Allegations By Sahara Reporters That Stirred Public Opinion

Magu: 7 Allegations By Sahara Reporters That Stirred Public Opinion

Late Monday evening, Sahara reported that the Acting EFCC Chairman, Magu has been detained By Police In Abuja, To Be Returned To Aso Rock Villa For Further Interrogation. In the exclusive publication by SR,

he was thrown into a cell at the Force Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters in Area 10, Federal Capital Territory, shortly after being interrogated by an interagency panel inside Aso Rock Villa, Nigeria’s seat of power.

Meanwhile in the past, despite official reactions denying these claims, Here are 7 allegations Sahara reporters have laid in the past.

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1. Magu is currently occupying a residence rented for N40m at N20m per annum paid for by a questionable businessman

2. The EFCC boss furnished the residence at the cost of N43m & the contract was awarded to company owned by same questionable man

3.Magu constantly embarked on official n private trips in company of corrupt folks who are currently being investigated.

4. The EFCC boss flies first class or mosttimes private jets owned by the questionable businessman

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5. On 24 June, 2016, Magu flew Emirate airlines first-class to Saudi Arabia to perform lesser hajj at the cost of N2.9m. This is in spite of Mr President’s directive to all public servants to fly economy class.

6. He allegedly transfers funds abroad through a third party.

7. Magu is found guilty of action prejudicial to state security, withholding of EFCC files, sabotage n unauthorised removal of EFCC files.

All these allegedly contained in the DSS report that has repeatedly made the senate decline approving him as the Substantial EFCC principal.

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