Man Beat Up His Girlfriend For Being Pregnant

Man Beat Up girlfriend

A video making rounds online shows a young man beating up his girlfriend for an alleged reason.

It was reported that the guy resorted to beating her up after she claimed he impregnated her and she’s got results to corroborate her claim.

In the video, the girl and her man were seen sitting looking at each other before he launched a slap on her face and complemented it with a couple of slaps after he stood up.

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He was being called to order by his friend who kept saying “Junior” in the background while making the video. “Junior” then reaches into his trousers, removes his belt and started flogging the living daylight out of his alleged pregnant girlfriend.

In the second part of the video, his friends were seen trying to hold him back as he beat the girl, saying ‘i don turn your mate now’.

One of the friends was even laughing as he held the girlfriend while his friend beat her up.

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However, a public figure identified as Yemi Fashipe has taken to his Twitter page to intervene by asking people to help him find the ‘animal’, so he could be brought to book.

Twitters users have shown their investigating prowess by digging up some cogent information about the guy. Multiple reports made it known that the alleged ‘animal’ is Jada Faga Jr by name and he hails from Makurdi, Benue State.

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