Man Slaughters His 2 Children Allegedly On His Boss Deman In Ugandan

Ugandan police

The Ugandan police authority has apprehended one Musilumu Mbwire and his alleged accomplice over the killing of two young aged children.

Reports gathered that Mbwire (46), a resident in Jira Village in Bbaale Sub-county, Kayunga District, was apprehended after findings revealed he slaughtered his two sons, Latif Kamulasi (7) and 3-year-old Sahum Baizambona to procure their blood for his boss who had promised him a change of life.

Parading the suspects, the police disclosed that Mbwire has admitted to having slits his children’s throats in eagerness to obtain the Shs4 million and a commercial building promised him by his boss in exchange for the children’s blood.

Akelicious understands that the body of the older child, Kamulasi, was exhumed by police pathologists on Tuesday, May 13, but that of his young sibling could not be located after a long search. Confessing to the devilish act, Mbwire said: “My boss promised me Shs4m and a house if I sacrificed my children and gave him the blood, but he has so far paid me Shs100,000,”

However, when interrogated, his employer denied having anything to do with the disturbing event.

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Both men are now in custody at Kayunga Central Police Station to assist police with investigations into the outrageous deed. The police say producing the suspects in court to be charged, has been delayed by public holidays for President Museveni’s swearing-in on Wednesday and Idd-ul-Fitr on Thursday.

Speaking during a media briefing earlier, spokesperson of the Criminal Investigations Directorate Mr Charles Twine, said the suspect’s brother, Mr Simon Kibubu, who lives in the same area, said he got concerned when he discovered that two of Mbwire’s children were missing.

“When Mr Kibubu asked his brother where the children were, he claimed he had taken them to their sister, Mary Kantono, who lives in the same parish,” Mr Twine was quoted saying.

But when Mr Kabubu asked Ms Kantono about the children’s whereabouts, she said she was unaware. This prompted Mr Kabubu to notify the area defence secretary, Mr Asuman Bagala, and lodge a complaint with the police at Bbaale. The police then promptly arrested Mbwire.

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Mr Twine and his team combed the bushes in Jjiira Village as the children’s father walked them from one spot to another to locate his children’s remains.

Three locations that Mr Mbwire had pointed out as burial spots turned out false, enraging more the charged crowd and police investigators. The crowd, among whom were relatives and residents, hurled insults and curses at the father.

Mr Mbwire then led the Uganda police to a site where they had burnt charcoal several months ago. There he was given a hoe and dug out lumps of damp and loosened soil with the help of some area residents. More scoops yielded the decomposed body as tears rolled down the cheeks of some of the bystanders, who demanded the police surrender the suspect to them.

But the police quickly stepped in to shield Mr Mbwire from attack but handed him gloves which he wore to scoop out the body of his son. Mr Twine said the suspect told them he buried Kamulasi in late March.

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After exhuming the first body, the suspect led them to a forest where he said he had buried the second child, Baizambona. But the police failed to locate the body after digging up at several sites he had led them to. At 7pm, the police called off the search and promised to return later.

Mr Twine said they would resume the search this week and castigated people who look for wealth through human sacrifice.

“Wealth is gotten through hard work, not human sacrifice,” he warned.

The body of Kamulasi was taken to Mulago National Referral Hospital for a post-mortem as scene-of-crime officers and other detectives continue to gather more evidence. The Police said they plan to submit the case file to the resident state attorney soon for a decision on whether the preferred charge of murder against the suspects is sustainable.

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