Meet Ebere Asonibe Young Graduate Who Works As A Native Doctor

Ebere Asonibe

A Nigerian lady identified as Ebere Asonibe said she became a native doctor because that was the path her ancestors wanted her to tread – According to Ebere, her life became miserable when she refused to continue with her great-grandmother’s profession – She sought deliverance but all to no avail and she resorted to step into her great-grandmother’s shoes .
A young lady identified as Ebere Asonibe is a graduate who chose to become a native doctor due to circumstance beyond her.
The lady said her dead ancestors were making life miserable for her because she was adamant on not continuing with her great-grandmother’s profession as an herbalist. Ebere Asonibe is an herbalist who is into the profession due to the circumstances beyond her. In a report by Information Nigeria, Ebere said her ancestor will come to her in a vision and show her herbs and where to locate them, and when she goes into the bush in the morning she will see the exact herbs. See how this Nigerian lady is shunning mockery and enjoying herself as a welder; video shows how she does the work effortlessly According to the young lady, different men of God tried to deliver her but all to no avail. She said she decided to do what her ancestor wanted when she could not win the battle. She is now a known herbalist who uses herbs to treat different diseases.

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