Messi: It’s very difficult to replace Ronaldo but Hazard is also a great player

Barcelona host Real Madrid on Wednesday in this season’s first Clasico and Messi gives his comments on Eden Hazard.

In an interview for MARCA, Messi discussed the upcoming derby and Eden Hazard can fill in Cristiano Ronaldo’s boots.

Q. Do you think Eden Hazard has the ability to cover the void left by Cristiano Ronaldo and become Real Madrid’s superstar?

A. Hazard has a lot of quality. He is a different football player who can unbalance [defences], but I think he is different to Cristiano, with different characteristics. It is very difficult to replace Cristiano, but Hazard is also a great player.

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Q. What do you think when you see that some teammates who were always important in the team, or including yourself sometimes, start on the bench, rest or even get replaced in the middle of the game?

A. Actually I think we are very important. There are times when it’s another teammate’s turn to play and I think you have to take it in the best possible way, being aware that the most important thing is that everyone in the dressing room feels important, because we need everyone motivated to achieve the targets.

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