MKO Abiola family quits Ayobo residents

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Nigerians who bought plots of land at Igbo- Ilogbo, area of Ayobo, in Lagos State should be ready to either rebuy their plots of land or forfeit them if the public notice given by MKO Abiola family in respect of the parcel of land is anything to go by.

The family of MKO Abiola, on Wednesday during a press conference in Lagos stated that some people heartlessly went behind, swooped into the land, hijacked it and started selling to unknown occupiers without the consent and authority from the family and without regard to the repercussion thereafter.

The statement signed by the duo of Chief Muritalah Abiola, head of the Abiola Family and Olalekan Yusau Abiola for the children stated in parts, “Chief MKO Abiola in his style allotted 99 per cent to himself in all his companies and this has remained the position till his death. In fact, till date, the family is not unmindful of the blackmail and campaign of calumny sponsored by a notorious land grabber, Al – Moruf and Co. Ltd at inciting by sponsoring Radio/Media publicities against Abiola family with the guise that he has the backing of our own Kola Abiola, the first child of the family. Kola could not have connived and ceded out his father’s most cherished property to a stranger without the consent and any considerations of his siblings. The family is also baffled at his crying more than the bereaved regarding the ownership status of Radio Communication of Nigeria. Every new born child knows that Chief MKO Abiola owns RCN.

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“We therefore, wish to inform members of the public, particularly the occupiers of the area concerned (both legal and illegal) that much as we are interested and seeks justice against unlawful encroachers of our land, we however, do not intend to make things tough for anybody in the society as that will in doubt negate the spirit with which Chief MKO Abiola laid down his life for all.

“We are however, unmindful of the fact that some occupants might have derived their interest from RCN or other conglomerates and or the family. This interest, we have notices of, but we will not hesitate to press further our right against those who have sought to take advantage of our loss and have trespassed on the land of our Patriarch. On them, we shall not relent.

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They went further to state, “It is however, sad to know that upon the incarceration and untimely death of Chief MKO Abiola in the hands of Babangida/Abacha on (‘June 12’ imbroglio) July 7, 1998 and pursuant to the dichotomy and divergence interest in the family which of course not unexpected in a polygamous home like that of where Chief MKO Abiola left behind several wives and children. Rather than for some people to share with us in our pains and pandemonium, they chose to compound our pains. We therefore, call any person or group of persons with however interest or title documents of any form through the Estate/Family/Company to reach out to the family Solicitors/Administrators/Children/Agent or head of the Abiola family”.

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According to the family, the press briefing is to notify the general public and occupants thereof that the execution levied by RCN on March 14, 2019 in Suit No. ID/155/86 in Igbo – Ilogbo, Ayobo, Ipaja, Lagos is not meant to inflict hardship, on the citizens but to protect the interest and legacies of our late Patriarch.

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