Mob Arrested After Beating Family At Funeral Of Coronavirus Patient

The Mirror

The funeral of a doctor who died from coronavirus was disrupted by at least 20 people who attacked the victim’s family in a report by The Mirror.

Dr. Simon Hercules, who treated patients for Covid-19 in India, died from the disease, but his funeral was violently interrupted on Sunday.

At least 20 people attacked his family and friends with sticks and rods. The 20 people were all arrested.

The incident happened at a burial ground in Chennai (formerly Madras) where people who lived close by were worried that burying coronavirus patients in the area would spread the virus.

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Two ambulance drivers were also injured at the scene.

Dr. Pradeep, the deceased friend, had to bury Dr. Hercules in the early hours of the morning with no family members present.

According to the report by The Mirror, he said:

He was not shown even basic humanity. Even his wife and son couldn’t be there to say goodbye. He didn’t deserve this end.

Dr. Hercules contracted Covid-19 from a patient he was treating, as he refused to stay at home during the pandemic and helped others.

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According to federal health ministry guidelines, it is safe to bury coronavirus victims as long as all precautions are followed.

More than 17,200 people in India have been infected with coronavirus, and 543 have died.

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