Mokwe’s Petition: Pressure On Anambra State Judicial Panel On Police Brutality

Report available to AIF Media has it that there are so much pressure right now on the Anambra State Judicial Panel of Inquiry headed by Justice Veronica Umeh.

AIF Media gathered that the pressure is on the petition submitted by one of the victims of SARS brutality, Chief Mokwe Bonaventure. Those mounting the pressure want the Panel to throw away the petition submitted by Mokwe Bonaventure who was victimised by the Nigeria Police at Awkuzu SARS.

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A source told AIF Media that the petition exposed so many ills within the system and that those likely to be indicted are fighting took and nail to stop the panel from going on with Mokwe’s Petition.

This is an indication that we did not learn anything from the lessons of #EndSars protests.

Who is mounting such pressure to shut down the Judicial Panel from doing its work?

Is it the state govt that set up the panel or police that took laws into their hands and acted extra judiciously or individuals that aided the security agencies to brutalise innocent Nigerians?

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All eyes are on the Panel. They should carry out their investigations and make their reports public.

Anyone mounting pressure to stop the Panel has something to hide and it is the job of the Panel to expose it and allow the course of justice to prevail.

Source: AIF Media

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