Most Married Women In Lagos Are Dating Young Men Without A Clue From Their Husband – Kemi Olunloyo

Kemi Olunloyo

Without a doubt Kemi Olunloyo is a very popular lady who also like causing stir on social media, making controversial statements, she recently made one that got most people talking on the internet.

As they say the truth is always bitter when it is said, many people hate it when the truth is said, however, there are somethings that are better still kept unsaid.

It is immoral for a married woman to keep running after other men when she have already been married, many women are guilty of the act, but as they say experience Speak better.

In her recently post she said that most married women are running around after young guys in lagos, and their husbands are innocent, having no clue to the case.

Most married women in Lagos are dating young men on the side without clue from their husbands. They even lied that they are traveling on a business trip just go spend a with the younger lover”.

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