Motorcycles banned in Addis Ababa

Motorcycles, known in Nigeria as Okada, will be banned from 7 July in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia.

The city’s mayor, Takele Uma said a ban on motorcycle use will be implemented in a bid to curb rising criminality.

Speaking to local journalists on Wednesday , Takele said criminals have in recent months been using motorcycles to engage in assaults and robberies of Addis Ababa residents.

“Addis Ababa city administration will impose a ban on the use of motorcycles in the city starting July 7,” Takele said.

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“However, the ban will not affect those conducting licensed businesses with motorcycles, those who use motorcycles as postal carriers and motorcycles used by diplomatic missions,” said Takele.

He also said the motorcycle ban is slated for implementation in the city after a one-week long study revealed many criminal activities are done using motorcycles.

Takele also said the Addis Ababa city administration will impose a ban on travel by most freight vehicles in the city during day time to alleviate the rising traffic congestion in the city.

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Addis Ababa, a city of an estimated 5 million plus population is generally considered a safe city for residents and expats.

However, rising incidences of violent crimes using motorcycles and cars have alarmed residents and officials.

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