Mr Ibrahim Magu: An Uncommon Patriot


By Obidike Chukwuebuka
EFCC Ambassador

Nigeria’s effort to extricate itself from the clutches of corruption which has preciously daunted its image before the international community cannot be complete without the recognition of the tireless, purposeful and goal oriented leadership of the epic anti corruption czar, Mr Ibrahim Magu.

Today, The Economic and Financial Crime Commission under Mr Ibrahim Magu has become an ivory tower in both the fight against corruption in Nigeria and repositioning the financial mal-adjustment , wielding enormous power in tackling corrupt practices stemming from several convictions of corrupt persons in both private and public sectors in Nigeria.

Nigerians would recall the widespread opposition to his conferment as the substantive chairman of the anti corruption body. Little did the generality of Nigerians knew that the Hawks cum enemies of the nation who pilfered the wealth of the citizens were the brains behind the opposition to his conformation.

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The tirades of media balkanisation from the purveyors of fake news aimed at tarnishing the hard earned reputation of the anti graft chief is not unconnected to the a recent research which revealed that the amount of money looted as a result of corruption in Nigeria stands above $600 billion by politically exposed persons whose ill-gotten wealth are stashed away in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) their alluring destination for investing illicit gotten wealth.

Recall that At least 800 properties estimated to be worth well over 146 billion naira (N) ($400 million) were found to have links to Nigerian politically exposed persons or their family members, associates, and suspected proxies.

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission under Mr Ibrahim Magu has secured over 340 convictions for various offences and recovered billions of dollars stolen funds from unscrupulous individuals.

The helmsman of EFCC needs the support of Nigerians in this collective fight against corruption. There is need for the strengthening of the Nigeria judicial system.

The successes recorded in the anti graft war is dependent on the amendment of our nations anit corruotion laws to establish a special anti corruption courts that will dispense of corruption cases within a record time, proffer stiffer punishment for corrupt practices because the commission does not have control over the activities of the Nigerian court system.

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The responsibility of the anti graft commission is to received petitions, investigate, arrest and charge suspects to court, and its left for the court to determine the fate of the accused relying on our extant laws.

There is need for a united and concerted effort in eradicating the menance of corruption in our system, Acts of corruption must be identified for what they are, and an abnormality stamp be cast on it by society. Without doing this, conquering corruption in Nigeria becomes a knotty task to unravel.

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