My Parents Slapped Me For Bringing Home A Cripple But I Told Them I Must Marry Him – Lady Narrates

The story of the lady who fell in love with a man who is a cripple went viral online, after their video surfaced on social media platforms, where they were performing their thanksgiving in church.

The story of this two lovers have gained a lot of reactions online as people find it so touching and emotional. It is a proof that true love still exists in the world and you just need to get the right person who will love you for who you are and look beyond your imperfections. The journey of this lady into the relationship wasn’t easy at all as she narrated her experience with BBC Pidgin News.

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In the video, she explained how her parents initially reacted after she brought the man home. She said her parents were so angry at her to the point that they had to slap her, asking her if she was okay to ever think of marrying a man who is a cripple.

She said all these didn’t stop her love for the man as she told them that this is the man she will marry and nothing can change it. Few years later, the both of them got blessed with two beautiful kids. She stated that she is 24 years old and he is 29 years old.

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The lady narrated further that she never wanted to be in a relationship with him the first time he asked her out. She said she rejected his proposal initially, then, the next day, his friends came to talk to her on his behalf, after that, she reconsidered his request and fell in love with him.

She revealed that even though her lover is disabled and doesn’t have any proper job for now, she still loves him so much and she uses the little profits she gets from her small business, which is the selling of groundnut to take care of their family.

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