Navy seizes boat with stolen crude oil in Rivers

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The Nigerian Navy said it discovered a barge and boat laden with suspected stolen crude oil on January 29 along Bolo Creek in Rivers state.

“The barge and wooden boat were laden with an estimated 900,000 litres of a substance suspected to be stolen crude oil and 2,500 litres of product suspected to be illegally refined AGO,” Navy spokesman Suleman Dahun said in a statement on Sunday.

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“There were no suspects on board the vessels at the time of the recovery,” he added.

Dahun stated that the barge and wooden boat will be kept in its custody for a period of six months effective from the day of recovery.

“At the expiration of the 6 months period, it will hand over the vessels to the EFCC to obtain forfeiture order in accordance with the law in the absence of any claim of its ownership,” he added

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He, however, affirmed that failure to reclaim the seized and detained vessels by its owner for a period of 12 months, the agency in Custody of the seized item has the right to obtain an order of forfeiture from any judicial court in accordance to the law.

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