Ndi Anambra, Should We Be Apologetic About Excellence?

The roving tirades to spin a statement that projects Anambra as a land of Excellent people out of context is an exciting exposé into the quality of mind of the spinners and the subject they seek to project.

First, a typical onye Anambra is not known to be apologetic about Excellence. In every sphere of human endeavour they present the best of stalks capable of causing positive disruptions that outlive them.

For anyone to think that a State that provided Nigeria with the first graduate commissioned Milirary officer, First Indigenous Vice Chancellor of a University, Writers of International repute, Diasporans of enviable standing, a robust and enlightened business class, will lower the standard when it comes to her political Leadership, the person must be the grand Patron of Mediocres.

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If Soludo’s statement yesterday does not challenge you to dream about actualizing Excellence, then you may need to question the Anambra spirit in you.

Excellence is a Virtue lived out by Ndi Anambra.

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