Ndi-Igbo United Forum-Youth Wing Reacts Over Exclusion Of S-East In Buhari’s Newly Approved Federal Universities


Ndi-Igbo United Forum-Youth Wing,
Office of the National Youth Leader.


Ndi-Igbo United Forum-Youth Wing, wishes to vigorously protest the exclusion of South East region in President Buhari’s newly approved 5 Federal Universities.
Nigeria is made up of 6 geopolitical zones of South East, South South, South West, North Central, North West and North East. In the newly approved Federal Universities, Jigawa got for North West, Abuja for North Central, Bauchi for North East, Osun for South West and Akwa Ibom for South South; it was only South East that was sidelined like before!
Like every lovers of Justice, Equity and Fairness, Ndi-Igbo United Forum-Youth Wing is greatly bewildered with this another display of blatant disregard for Equity and Fairness, by this Administration of Muhammadu Buhari.

From the inception of this current administration, an open disregard for the sensibility and sensitivity of the Igbo man, has been the order of the day. In a very reckless and provocative way, President Muhammadu Buhari has continued to sideline and alienate the South East region.
Total disregard for the welfare and feelings of the Igbo region, political exclusion of the Igbo man and economic suppression of the South East region, has been a trademark that this administration is not ready to dispense with, even in this critical moment when all round inclusiveness of all the ethnic nationalities in Nigeria, is direly needed for reconciliation, true peace and progress.
What this current administration is doing to the psyche of an average Igbo person, is certainly worse than what we were subjected to, during the 30 months orchestrated genocide that the world is still labelling a civil war.

It’s on verifiable records, how this administration has both actively and passively worked against the Igbo interest – non inclusion of the South East region in most of her socioeconomic planning, and blatant discrimination against Ndigbo in key national appointments. Muhammadu Buhari has never appointed any Igbo person from the South East in any of his key security positions, he has also uttered very reckless and “un-presidential” remarks against Ndigbo, viz, 5%, Dot people, genocidal threats that pitched him against Twitter etc.
We wish to categorically tender our complete dissatisfaction with this yet, another undue marginalization of Ndigbo in this his newly approved 5 Federal Universities. Education is power, yet after giving other regions a new University, South East was left out, which means that this administration is clearly out to deny Ndigbo the real means of attaining power – Education!

We won’t accept this broad daylight marginalization, the spiteful gesture is unacceptable. We call on all lovers of Justice to rise up and vigorously condemn and contest this abnormality. The hydra headed monster of Injustice of president Muhammadu Buhari’s administration against Ndigbo, is the SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE CATALYST THAT HAS BEEN FUELING THE INSECURITY AND AGITATION IN SOUTH EAST. The resultant effects of his inexplicable hate for Ndigbo, has pushed a lot of Igbo youths to frustration and criminality. It’s a case of simple common sense; if when you are told in a very clear terms that you are not welcomed in any gathering, the tendency will be for you to want to exit such a hostile gathering. That is the exact position of Ndigbo in today’s Nigeria of Buhari.
Enough is enough, President Buhari should stop fueling the embers of discord and disunity, via his surgical target of Igbo interests; for such is a direct threat to National unity and stability. The Igbo man is everywhere in Nigeria, he should be always treated with the highest degree of respect, acceptance and fairness. Let President Muhammadu Buhari, as a matter of urgency, approve a Federal University for the South East region.

Also, let others remember that any singular threat to justice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere!
Ndigbo simply wants Justice, Equity and Fairness. Is that too much to ask?


Mazi Nnaemeka Akachukwu
(Gen. Ikpongo)
National Youth Leader
Ndi-Igbo United Forum Worldwide

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