New Apple iPhone will come with Apple pencil

Apple iPhone 11 is coming out next month and with it, will come with a stylus pen, the Apple Pencil. According to Citi Research, Apple feels it is time to bring the Apple Pencil support to the iPhone.

This feature has been spoken about since the time the Apple Pencil was announced and now it appears that Apple feels that 2019 is the perfect time to bring this support that would aide power users the world over.

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There are massive benefits associated with bringing this support to the iPhone 11, Deccan Chronicle tech writers says.

With 5G not debuting this year, and no new display technology or design being added in the 2019 iPhone; Apple needs a headlining feature for the iPhone 11.

While the Apple Pencil has been a part and parcel of the iPad since some years, having this feature on the iPhone would be something new for the hoards of Apple faithful and it could be a key reason for those with older handsets to upgrade to the iPhone 11.

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