New Trick Used By Ritualists, Please Take Note!!!

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Please everyone be careful of the buses you enter. There is a new plan by ritualists to start kidnapping people in mass, using transportation buses.

These are the things you should look out for:

1. Once you enter a bus and notice that the bus driver can’t stop talking about himself and his heroic acts, immediately tell the bus driver to stop the bus as though you forgot something and get the hell out of that bus. The purpose of the many talk is to get you interested and so you can trust him, but please don’t fall for this.

2. Notice that these drivers are very familiar with officers at different check points. Please Note- that these officers are not aware of these drivers evil intentions, they too were tricked into trusting them (the drivers). This step should be notice more by people who are traveling.

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3. Please notice, once the bus driver is about taking an unknown short cut, one that no one in the bus knows of or has used before. Especially on road where there are check points at the entrance (please note that this is done to make to feel relax, you will think “after all there is a check point at the entrance so nothing bad can happen, right?”,) This is what they want you to think but don’t fall for this, immediately raise an alarm and tell everyone in the bus to order the driver back to the main road. If this fail continue to raise an alarm until the officers at the check point can hear you. Remember these officers don’t know about the driver’s evil intentions.

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5. Let’s assume you’ve fallen for all of the above steps. Once the driver takes this unknown short cut and at the middle of the journey decide to stop in other to get out of the bus for one excuse or the other, especially if it’s to go ease themselves or fix something. Raise an alarm and urge everyone in the bus not to allow the driver step out of that bus, and begin to pray. This is no joking matter, because the moment the driver steps out of the bus the next plan is to blow a white powder substance into the bus. This will make every single person in the bus to start hallucinating and loose control of their mind. At this stage only Divine Intervention can save you.

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Please note that this involves both transportation within the state or city and transportation outside the state or city. Please be vigilant and stay alert.

Please if you notice one or two or three or all of the things said above, do not hesitate to raise an alarm and run for your life.

Share this with your family and loved ones and friends, keep sharing because you’re about to save souls from the hands of wicked and unreasonable men.

May God keep and protect you, your friends, your family and your loved ones, Amen.”

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