New Yam Festival: Felicitations to HRM Igwe Rowland Odegbo, Aborgu 11, the traditional ruler of Nteje

To the good people of Nteje, in Oyi local government Area of Anambra state; To the highly influential, revered traditional ruler HRM Igwe Rowland Odegbo, Aborgu 11, it is with deep love, respect and gladness that I convey glad tidings as you celebrate this year’s new yam festival. It is with humility that I also wish you a happy new month.

It is remarkable that we are beginning this new month with fresh harvests from our yam farms. I pray that these fresh harvest would set the pace for fresh blessings in our lives throughout this month and beyond.

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Just as we consider yam as the king of crops, I pray that God Almighty who is the King of Kings should grant you bountiful harvests of the king of crops. I pray that He should grant you wisdom and security to store your harvests in your yam barns so that there would be no cause for hunger in your homes, in the months ahead.

As you celebrate this day, remember to venerate your forefathers who instituted this culture of celebrating yam, the king of crops, appreciate that legacy and play your parts in sustaining this rich culture for the sake of future generations of your people so that you may also be venerated.

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Igbo New Yam festival symbolizes the miraculous fact that it’s only a little yam seedling is planted into the soil but that little one brings out huge tubers. New yam festival signifies the beginning of harvesting season.

May the good Lord bless, protect and defend your interests. May I use this festival to show appreciation to God Almighty for keeping you alive throughout the planting season. Live long Igwe!

Happy New Yam Festival….. Happy Ilo muo Nteje Aborgu!

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Ogbuefi/ Ichie Dr. Harris Udokamma Chuma-Odili, FCMsp
Ogene Ogbunike

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