Neymar Transfer Hopes Hit Major Obstacle…

Neymar transfer news to barca

In the ongoing transfer saga for Neymar, it seemed as though the two European football giants,Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, had finally reached an agreement.

It was even reported in the last 24 hours that this deal was on the verge of being finalized, with Neymar looking like he would be soon returning to FC Barcelona.

However, an even more recent report has suggested that a deal has still yet to be reached, with new problems arising.

In case you didn’t know…

Despite having an injury-ridden 2018/19 season, Neymar was still in good form when he was able to play, scoring virtually a goal a game for the season.

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Nevertheless, his injuries saw him miss out on many vital aspects of the season, including being absent from the Brazil side that won the 2019 edition of the Copa America.

The heart of the matter

Whilst the new season is already well on its way at this point, for Neymar at least, there is still much uncertainty about his immediate future in the beautiful game.

Since the new year there had been much speculation that the Brazilian wanted to leave Paris for a return to Barcelona, but by the summer this speculation had become certainty.

In a transfer window that has seen many big signings, none have garnered such attention and intrigue as Neymar’s ongoing saga to find a new club.

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As aforementioned, it appeared as though Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain had finally come to an agreement, nevertheless, new reports suggest that the deal is at a critical risk of collapsing.

Recent reports from inside Barcelona tell us that the club now find Paris Saint-Germain’s request of around £120 million plus three players for Neymar is exorbitant, and because of that the deal has again stalled.

Furthermore, it appears as though Barcelona will no longer propose a deal for Neymar, but are still willing to negotiate, should Paris Saint Germain lower their request to a more reasonable level.

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The deadline day, which is this Sunday, is fast approaching, and it seems almost impossible now that Neymar will be moving to Barcelona this summer. However, it can still theoretically happen, so long as Barcelona and PSG can find a middle ground for the deal.

What’s next

The deal is still uncertain, but what is certain is that all will be revealed in the next few days, either with a huge transfer or with a big question of ‘what could’ve been?’

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