Ngige,Ubah,Ekwunife,Oduah,Others Called To Show Solidarity On The Fight Against Covid-19


The Anambra Independent media group known as Covid-19 Media Alert CMA, has called for solidarity, support and increased funding, as Anambra state government establishes several preventive measures and scales up the efforts to curb the coronavirus pandemic. The call was made yesterday by the Coordinator of Covid-19 Media Alert Anambra, Comr Harris Chuma. The media statement reads;

“It is no longer news that Anambra state government recently launched COVID-19 account in the determined effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus, and patriotic citizens such as Sen Victor Umeh, Dr Ernest Obiejesi, Chief Allen Onyema and Dr Clement Nwogbo, have contributed hugely to the State’s official Covid-19 Account.”

“In Nigeria, Corona virus is gradually arriving in states already vunerable and susceptible to health disasters, Lagos, FCT Abuja, Akwaibom,Ekiti, Enugu, Edo, Rivers are currently among the affected areas with Lagos state badly hit, while anxiety rises in other states. It is rumoured in some quarters that South East case may be worse, as the equipement for Covid-19 test has not visited the region. To safe Anambra from the impending sad trajectory, Gov Willie Obiano has launched humanitarian response plan to fund the fight against COVID-19. And, to halt the looming danger, Ndi Anambra are calling on their prominent sons and daughters who are ‘well-to-do’ to contribute handsomely to the Covid 19 account to aid the government in fighting the deadly scourge. We have called on Sen. Uche Ekwunife, Sen.Stella Oduah, Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah, Hon. Chris Azubogu, Hon. Vincent Ofumelu, Hon. Chinedu Obidigwe, Sen. Chris Ngige, Sen. Ben Obi, Mr Peter Obi, Dr. Obiorah Okonkwo,Hon Obinna Chidoka,and other well-meaning people of the state to join forces with the state government to give Covid-19 a bloody nose, to donate handsomely to the state governemnt designated Covid -19 bank account.”

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“Time to act is now, ndi Anambra, it is not enough to buy plastic buckets, print stickers, paste your picture on it and distribute with fanfare. Again, it is not enough to dance around market places brandishing China made face masks, and cheap hand sanitizers, we should all stand up, and support the state government in the effort to wage the war against corona virus. It is a crucial part of winning the fight. No government can do it alone, and politicians advising their followers and fans to shun the Anambra Covid-19 account do not mean well for the state. It is nonsensical, idiotic and stupid playing politics with issues bordering on people’s health safety. Sadly, some people are out there scheming, meeting, mobilizing and strategising on easy ways to cease the moment for self engrandisement, stupendoulsy, enrich their pockets, at the detriment of fellow citizens. In these evil times, may we not be forced to flee our homes because of Covid-19. May we not live under plastic sheets in fields or crammed into refugee camps or informal settlements. And may we not be subjected to unsavoury conditions of isolating our loved ones, parents,children,wives,husbands, mistresses, concubines,sugar mummies,sugar dadies,boyfriends, girlfriends, pastors, native doctors, priests,traditional rulers, bishops, and constituents members.” Comrade Chuma concluded.

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Covid-19 Media Alert Anambra CMA

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