Ngwa Ethnic Nationality: We Are No Longer Igbos

Ngwa Ethnic Nationality: We Are No Longer Igbos

Ngwa people ,constitute the largest and most populous sub-ethnicity, or clan, in southeastern Nigeria. We occupy an area of about 2,300 km 2 (900 square miles). In 1979,our population was held at an estimate of approximately 1.8 million people. Within Abia State: Nigeria, Ngwa people occupy these seven Local Government Areas: Aba North , Aba South,Isiala Ngwa North , Isiala Ngwa South, Obi Ngwa , Osisioma and Ugwunagbo. His Imperial Majesty Eze Dr. Bernard Onyenguzo Enweremadu is the traditional head of Ngwaland.

The parable of the Good Samaritan was told by Christ in the Bible. If it were in Nigeria, it would have been easy to trace that Good Samaritan to Ngwa land, for his benevolence reflects the Ngwa man’s ethos, essence and character. The story of an Ngwa Man will be incomplete without his characteristic nobility and peaceful co-existence with all and sundry.

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It is in the character of every Onye-Ngwa to look at every other person around him with trust, benevolence and unalloyed magnanimity. The same replicates in their leadership and administrative services to their neighbours in particular and humanity in general.
The likes of Dr. George Nwaigwe; Chief Ururuka, Paul Ogwuma and Chief Jaja Anucha Ndubuisi Wachuku, who later became the first black speaker of the Nigerian House of Representative and the first Ambassador and permanent member to the United Nations as well as the first Minister of Foreign Affairs, preformed creditably. Even Senator Enyi Abaribe, Senator Representing Abia South Senatorial District, a principled, courageous, serious minded forthright Senator, is an Ngwaman, who is easily one of the finest and most reliable Senators of the federal republic of Nigeria.

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We have played promonent role in the emancipation of the Igbo man. Our women started and led the Aba women riot, Aba Ngwa (Enyimba City) was the launching pad for both MASSOB and IPOB. And has continued to play prominent role in the actualization of Biafra. We know what we passed through during Biafran war, started by an uninformed Anambra man that started a war without consultation.

We have decided to follow the footsteps of the Ikwere and Anioma ethnic nationalities because of the hatred the Igbo people have for us. For the records, Ngwa people are very hardworking, enterprising and and most importantly, very hospitable. This is evident in the number of Aro and other igbo clans settlements scattred all over Ngwa land. Our hospitality has been our undoing. The same people we host especially in Aba(Obingwa, Osisioma,Ugwunagbo,Aba South and Aba North LGAs), launched unimaginable propaganda against us. They call us names, abuse us, castigate us and always work against our interest. Why? What is our crime? Just because resisted their domineering attitude.

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Ikweres and Aniomas are better off without the Igbo, and so shall we. We hereby inform other Nigerians to henceforth stop calling us Igbos. We wish to be addressed as Ngwa Ethnic Nationality.

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