Niger State Governor Meets European Union Over Farmer /Herdsmen Clashes

The executive Governor of Niger State, Sanni Belllo, on Tuesday, met with members of the European Union Countries in Nigeria in order to find lasting solution to the reoccurring Farmers/Herdsmen clashes in the state.

Akelicious gathered that the meeting which lasted over an hour behind closed doors bothered on developing modern ways of cattle rearing in order put an end to the violent clashes which had led to the deaths and destruction of properties.

“Top of the agenda was on the modern ways of rearing Livestock and the efforts the state government is making towards addressing the conflict between herdsmen and farmer”, Niger State Governor Sanni Bello said.

Briefing the press after the closed door meeting ,Bello added that; “I gave them (European Union) a run down of the issues and ways to address them and generally we came to an agreement with regards to what the issue were and we solicited for support from the European Union on how to support our herdsmen and Government, to see that get an everlasting peace with that regard.

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Speaking on the areas of intervention of the EU, The Governor said; “The areas will be technical with regards to the areas of modern ways of handling cattle, migrating our local breed to better ones that will provide more milk and beef.

‘To be profitable we identified that we need cattle that will give you 20 litters of milk per day or 600 kg of meat within 18 months so, with time there will be some technical discussions on the right step to take.

The essence of the meeting was basically to listen to us and our challenges which they have heard and we shall be expecting their feedback.
On Education he said; “Asides livestock we need to emphasize more on technical education because what we lack are skills. We have too many graduates that have no jobs unfortunately everyone wants white collar job.

“The way forward is to engage people to engage more in skill acquisition and to do that it means that we have to develop our technical schools and to reequip them to meet modern requirements so that they function properly.

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On his part Ketil Karlsen Ambassador Head of EU Delegation to the Federal Representative of Nigeria said that the EU were committed in working with the Governors in the Northern Region to end the violent clashes.

He said:

“We had a very rich dialogue, he told about his experiences in making sure that we can curb those clashes between herdsmen and farmers.

“This is what the European Union had followed closely and very supportive of the development of livestock transformation plan and it’s good to see how that is transforming into implementation on the ground. We have carefully taken note there are a number of EU companies engaging and finding business models.

“The forward of having more efficient milk production, having grazing opportunities and livestock opportunities in Nigeria so, we believe that this must be part and parcel of the solutions looking ahead. And also we are in the shorter term by making sure that there are opportunities for all and mediation efforts are needed so that we overcome the clashes that we have seen between herdsmen and farmers. The EU is loyally supporting the Government of Nigeria and State level engagements to see that solutions are found.

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“The European Union is looking very carefully into what should be our priorities for the future and currently we are implementing programmes in Nigeria in the other of 600-700 million Euros and now we are in between phases.

“I am confident that Education will be one of them as we look ahead in making sure that Nigerians acquire the necessary skills, education for the girl child also is a vital priority in this country.”

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